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IDS Associates Limited awaits the launch of the much-anticipated IPO of Airbnb

(1888 PressRelease) Airbnb’s IPO will definitely draw a lot of attention in 2019.

Airbnb is about to go public in New York City and everyone is anxious to see where they will start trading. Unlike some of the Tech Giants this year Airbnb is actually profitable. They are NOT losing money like the ride hailing guys. They are hemorrhaging cash, as if they don’t need it.

The reason they want to go public is because the people want it, yes you do.

Alan Lam COO of IDS Associates said, “We will be there with them on opening day as we expect big things from them. They have done well right from the start,” Said Lam.

The company has filled a void whereas many people can now afford to go on more holidays for little more then their regular monthly bills. With budget airlines and Airbnb rentals, people are now vacationing more and for longer periods.

Lam of IDS says, “Although we like a nice hotel, Airbnb allows us to travel with the family like a family, without breaking the bank”. It makes sense that they expand with an IPO and branch out into more fields.

Airbnb has come as a Mom and Pop kind of host. The phrase has become a shorthand for a normal person who rents out their own home or apartment occasionally, perhaps when they are out of town.

Although Airbnb is regularly accused of being too “professionalized,” or riddled with commercially motivated operators running informal hotels. Some hosts rarely interact with guests, the critique goes, and are far from providing the ideal experience that Airbnb itself popularized.

The professionalization of Airbnb is also in making housing unaffordable for locals by encouraging landlords to rent homes to an endless parade of short-term guests, at higher rates than they could charge longer-term tenants.

“We are sure that the model is not perfect, nothing is, but they are ironing out the bugs and trying to comply with all the rules and taxes and things like that, We at IDS see them being around a long time to come, and we expect a successful IPO this year will cement their success”. Said Lam.


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