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Enervana, LLC announced the launch of a new DIY natural dental portal,

1888PressRelease – Out of pocket dental expenses are rising, 70% of seniors suffer from deadly gum disease, dental insurance doesn’t cover expensive procedures but there is help for those that want to DIY.

Portland, OR – Enervana, LLC has launched a new DIY natural dental portal,, available exclusively online to help people take their dental health into their own hands in the USA and other English speaking countries.

The average family spends $450 a year out of pocket on dental expenses and seniors are shelling out $650 annually even if they have insurance. A third of seniors can barely make ends meet and many have to borrow to cover unexpected expenses after paying monthly bills. Dental expenses add more debt to the pile.

Dental clients can take their oral health into their own hands by following a natural dental protocol that is authored by a scientist, proven and available to anyone that will take the time to learn the program. It’s a simple three step system.

“After working with clients all over the globe since 2003, we are excited to be able to share this time-tested protocol that has saved so many mouths in the world.” – Gabriala Brown

The natural dental information is available via a membership website on mp3 audio, video and ebook, with access to a FB private group and more. There is also a unique dental coaching program available that addresses health of the entire body with individual support by a wellness coach.

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