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55printing.Com Redesigns Vinyl Banner, Makes It Easier To Order At Slashed Rates!

Now at it is possible to get re-designed vinyl banners printed at slashed rates.

Los Angeles, CA, June 23, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ – Now at it is possible to get re-designed vinyl banners printed at slashed rates. The discounts are more attractive than ever! It’s a ‘now or never’ offer that the company has announced for its most valued customers. The steps of placing an order have also been simplified for convenience.

The online printing service provider has announced that the price for vinyl printing has been reduced to make it more affordable. Moreover, the ordering structure for the vinyl banner has also been modified recently to make it easier for the customers to place an order. According to the company, redesigning of the vinyl banner was necessary to make it a popular mode of advertising by the advertisers. Moreover, the simplification of the ordering process is important to make it convenient for the customers to place an order for a vinyl banner from the online store of has been in the business of printing both indoors and outdoor vinyl banners. It is an online printing service provider that allows online ordering easy and convenient. The online printing service provider allows the customers to choose the right size, quantity, and color of vinyl banners to be printed. Moreover, the online store allows printing of one or both-sided banners for advertising.

The perks of printing from
With reduced cost and convenient ordering structure, announces the creation of all types of vinyl banners (hems, grommets, etc.) Not just the printing, but the delivery turnaround is also impressive. The company takes around 2-3 business days to ship the finished products.

With redesigning of the printed vinyl banners, the company has also focused on fast shipping and printing of both indoor and outdoor banners. It is possible to print the vinyl banners that are printed on the ultra durable 13oz materials after previewing. So, the customers would be able to preview and be sure of what they are ordering to print before making a payment.

One of the biggest perks of choosing to print vinyl banners from is that it is offering attractive discounts. These discounts are applicable for all types of vinyl banners – grommets, hems, wind slit, and pole pockets. There are also offers and discounts for early birds at the online store.

There are no hidden costs at the online store. While placing an order it is possible to calculate the shipping costs for the delivery of the products. The cost of printing along with the cost of shipping does not account for a lump sum amount. The online printing service provider allows bulk printing too. Ordering prints in bulk reduce the cost considerably. The printed materials are delivered in good condition to the customers. And, early birds can win free shipping too!

One of the best parts of ordering printing of re-designed vinyl banners is that the customers can upload their own designs and get those approved from the designers of the printing store. Thus, customization of the vinyl banners is possible before adding the banners to the cart.

Why vinyl banners?
Printed vinyl banners are one of the fastest ways to spread a word about any company or products. There are different types of vinyl banners that are printed by entrepreneurs these days. Four main types of vinyl banners that are generally used for advertising are grommets, hems, wind slits, and pole pockets. Banners are big and bold. These are colorful and attractive to gain the attention of the potential customers.

Vinyl banners are durable, and once those are hung, these can remain there for a long time. Thus, using vinyl banners is one of the best ways to advertise for a company’s products. These can be used for advertising and announcing different types of events like product launches, company events, and new releases. Most of the companies are using the vinyl banners and is bringing them the best opportunity to print these advertising materials at the best rates.

Vinyl banners are the exceptionally good business promotion tool. These can be used for outdoor advertising and are the best solution for brand promotion indoors during a seminar or event of the company.

When it comes to advertising, a company always looks for ways to save on the advertising budget. And, the best way one can do it is by printing cheap vinyl banners from As the company has a short turnaround time, the delay in starting the advertising campaign does not occur. Moreover, each of the printed materials can be customized with either the designs by the online designers of the site. Choosing from all the available designs or uploading company-specific designs on the site to be printed with specific details of the company is easy and convenient.

Media inquiries: For more information, visit or contact Mac Miller, Marketing Manager of at (866) 200-2317 or email him at

Press Contact:
Mac Miller
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(866) 200-2317

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