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2012 a boom year for emergency food and water suppliers – Sydney Australia

(1888PressRelease) Sales of emergency preparation supplies have increased in 2012 due to the increased scutiny of media and social groups on natural disaters and the Mayan long count calendar end.

2012 has long been regarded with interest by scientists, historians and doomsayers all over the world.

With the Mayan calendar fronting the race to predict the end of the world in December 2012 mainstream media has kicked into gear with a myriad of historical, investigative and reality TV shows to fuel this increase of interest., an Australian online retailer has seen a marked increase in website traffic and online sales of its Mainstay 5 year shelf life food and water emergency survival kits in 2012 since the increase in media interest.

“Every time there is a new documentary and especially after an episode based on reality interviews with so called ‘doomsday peppers’ we see a direct correlation with sales through our website shop

If this is an indication people are worried about the end of the world or just increasing the awareness of people that they need to be prepared for the unexpected we can’t say, although what we can say is that December 21 2012 will be an interesting date to see come and go!” –

About Survival Storehouse

Survivalstorehouse Pty Ltd is and Australian company and has been importing Mainstay 5 year shelf life food and water product into Australia from the USA for the last 3 years. They are based in Sydney Australia and provide emergengy food and water kits nationally.

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